WCSC Club Soccer

U11-U19 Classic and State League Soccer

Club soccer is a unique experience.  Players, coaches, parents and families often form long-lasting bonds. The sidelines become alive with energy and enthusiasm during each and every game. Families undoubtedly enjoy the experience as much as the players and coaches do!  While club soccer is a lot of fun, it is a competitive program that goes above and beyond recreational league play. Players ready for U11+ club soccer typically know the basic rules of the game and are able to demonstrate the skills required for competitive play at their age level.

TEAMS: The U11+ teams are a year-long commitment.  We understand kids play other sports, and do our best to work with that, but we want kids to play/practice as much as possible with their team during the league year. Our “year” includes both a fall and spring season (8 games each) with practices twice each week, plus an occasional weekend tournament.

TRYOUTS: Roster spots are limited on each team, so tryouts for both new and returning players are part of the process.  Tryouts are held in JUNE for the upcoming season, which begins in August. If a player does not yet possess the appropriate ability they will be encouraged to continue to play in the Oshkosh Youth Soccer Club to refine their skills.  (If you missed the tryouts, please contact us to see if there are still slots available.)

STRUCTURE: East Central’s Classic League is the entry/starting point for our club teams, and there are multiple levels of play depending on a team’s experience.  Teams that excel at the highest level of Classic League play can bump up to a State League and beyond.  Most of the away games are within 1 hour of travel time, although some exceptions do occur depending on the particular age group and level of play.

COST:  Fees for the FULL year are around $475 which includes all expenses for both fall and spring league play, as well as a credit to play in at least two tournaments per year.  Uniform costs are paid directly by the player, and typically last 2 years. There are a few discounts available (IE - discounts for U11/U12 players or having multiple players in the family).  There are also some extra fees involved for players on teams that play at state level and above.  Some teams also choose to sign up for indoor soccer together over the winter or play in additional tournaments.  Those participating would incur some additional costs.  But we try to keep our costs are reasonable as possible.

We hope you will consider signing up your child for the Water Cities soccer. Please contact us at wcsc@watercitiessoccer.org and we will answer your questions in a timely manner.

2023 -2024 Soccer Age Chart

2023 -2024 Soccer Age Chart