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May 12, 2020

The Water Cities Soccer Club (WCSC) again wishes everyone the best to stay safe and healthy during our “Safer at Home” guidelines.  We are doing well as we make adjustments like everyone else and look forward to being stronger than ever when the safe distancing totally lifts in Wisconsin!

   With the most recent news following the WYSA announcement to cancel all competitions for the remainder of the 2019/2020 season, WCSC has been busy attending meetings for guidance how we can continue to offer a positive and affordable soccer experience.  While we are in a momentary hold for some of the opportunities offered, Coaches, Managers and Board Members will be reaching to you and your families very soon through e-mails, texts, Team (Reach) apps and maybe even a phone call  to discuss how you’re doing as we offer trainings and opportunities related to the options allowed for the remainder of this season.

   Please be patient and understanding as we all get to the next phases methodically with COVID-19 but do reach out with your questions.  The entire State of Wisconsin, every Soccer Club and WYSA is following a method to answer each and every item with a question within the next 60 days.  We at WCSC will follow suit so please afford time with each and every reply to questions we receive. 

   Board Members, Coaches and Managers will all have the same messages that we are working with WYSA, East Central, all teams plus every Tournament Director to get back on the pitch.  Our goal will be to Retain All Players, protect All Players and Protect the Water Cities Soccer Club that you have all worked so hard to create.



               These will arrive May 15, 2020 within our club for a spot on a team next season.  Verbiage in your offer should be self-explanatory in reference to the acceptance and the next steps.  You will have one week (May 22, 2020) to accept or decline and should reply with that direction.  Many teams will continue as before and apart from the Academy moving up and possibly graduating seniors moving on to the next level teams may not see much change besides an addition or two based on new recruits that may come forward.

               Early offers may be accepted immediately but 24 hours must elapse before we may make new rosters and place a player on a team.  You may wish to register so be on the lookout for an open registration in July.  Should a team not form for some reason or if more players come forward we are able to re-extend a modified offer for the best of the player and or team. 


               The statewide offer date has been set to July 21, 2020 so no offers may be made from an outside club to a player until that time.


               WYSA has set an across the board date of July 13, 2020.  Keep in mind of early offers and players will not need to attend a tryout as in years past.  Should new players wish to come to WCSC tryouts will be scheduled as necessary on July 13.  Coaches and Evaluators (according to our SafeSport guidelines) will assist with the tryout.  Registration for this process will be posted on our WCSC Tryout registration page.


Coaches and Managers will offer virtual trainings, lesson plans and possible session opportunities as allowed.  We are obligated as WCSC to provide the best experience possible.  Our soccer family is stronger than ever and will continue to stress staying active and ready.  Parents, please give a little encouragement to your student athletes to participate in the offered group settings or individually on their own to get the conditioning and practice sessions in.


               This is probably one of the biggest questions that will come forward.  What will happen to fees paid.  WCSC will provide information to each and every family concerning our annual operating expenses.  Due to Covid-19 there are many items affected this year and that includes both inflows and outflows.  A comprehensive overview of WYSA Fees, East Central Fees, Demosphere Fees, Website Hosting, Coach Contracts, Levels of Play, League (State or Recreational) fees, tournaments (both traveling to and Summer Splash), Referee Fees, Insurances plus fundraising as a 501(c)3 will be provided so families and players are able to make the best decision or request.

               Fees for any virtual training within a team will not have any additional costs.  Should a new training (club wide plus to extended communities) or session similar to a camp be offered, a nominal fee may be charged.


               Credits are an option that may be offered for the 2020/2021 season and or amortize over several players (single family) across multiple seasons.  Maximum amounts to amortize will be set to keep the positive direction of the club to pay current expenses. No fees


A family may choose to request discounts for possible prepayment of a season, camps or training sessions. No fees


               You may consider your previous registrations as a charitable donation according to the IRS Guidelines of a 501(c)3 for the previous (current) tax year if you are utilizing the filing extension deadlines due to Covid-19.  No fees


               Refunds will be an option but may be the most involved to agree upon a set number.  All aspects of budget, spring or fall play, leagues or tournaments, Level (Academy to State Leagues) of play, practices attended and a proration to the appropriate involvement and considering fees paid by WCSC will be taken in to consideration.


               Please watch for early offers this coming Friday.  Read them closely, reply and or give your coach or manager a call so they may answer any questions.  If you have club questions or should you wish to inquire further in to Credits, Discounts or Refunds please send an email to board@watercitiessoccer.org  (attn 2020/2021 options) and we will begin sending out request for funds form or personally reply with a call starting on Monday, May 18, 2020. 

*** We at the Water Cities Soccer Club will keep you informed of any new or revised items in regard to getting back to playing soccer in a normal pattern.  Thank you all again for your patience and understanding as we work out every situation possible.  Good luck to you WCSC graduating seniors and get your scholarship applications in so we may contribute to your next level of education.  We are so proud of each one of you and your accomplishments both on and off the field.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Water Cities Soccer Club is and will stay strong!!!

Mark Frierdich



Water Cities Soccer Club