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A Letter From the President

05/30/2017, 2:30pm CDT
By Bob Albright

A Letter From the President      

Greetings Families

I would like to take this time to thank all the parents and other family members that spend hours upon hours during their athlete’s practices and games, supporting them, Water Cities and making it a successful year!

Tryouts each year come around so early, we can’t thank you enough for your support. I want to take a moment to talk briefly about tryouts! Like you, I dislike the term, I would love to change it to team formation days, maybe we can do that next year. Our primary goal is to help our current teams continue and grow and to add teams at the youngest levels. To that end we need your help. Here is what we need from our families. We have advertised in all of the local school districts and local papers.

  • Help us "recruit" for your teams! Talk to families of players you know about coming out to our tryouts. I can not stress enough how important it is for each team to have an active roll in their success and growth!
  • Please register your current players for tryouts as soon as you can. It helps us greatly as we plan!
  • We have extended our discounted tryout rate to tryout registrations completed prior to June 2nd. Use this to invite your friends and neighbors to tryouts.
  • For your reference we are searching for the following aged players.
    • Kids born in 2008-2010 to sign up for our Academy program
    • Boys & Girls Born in 2007-2008 for new U11 Teams
    • Girls Born in 2006 for U12 Girls Teams
    • Girls Born in 2005 for U13 Girls Team
    • Boys born in 2004-2005 for U14 Boys team
    • Girls born in 1999-2002 for our HS Girls teams
  • The Tryout process begins this weekend June 4th for the younger ages, it does not need to be stress filled, enjoy the process. We are looking to add good players not replace current players.

As I finish up the final year of my term in December as President of Water Cities Soccer club I could not be more pleased with the direction of the club and the improvements this dedicated group of board members have been able to institute. Many things that may not get noticed have been instituted to make this a better club for all families that support it. This club is in excellent hands. Playing here is an excellent choice for any young athlete!

There are so many things I would like to point out and elaborate on but this letter would get very long if I elaborated on all of the good work the many dedicated volunteers have accomplished over the last few years. Instead I will bullet point a few significant accomplishments.

  • Refocus of the club back more to the roots from which it was created to serve not only Oshkosh but specifically the smaller school districts surrounding it like Winneconne, Omro, Berlin & Ripon.
  • Improvement and detailed work on the club bylaws, insurance and other policies.
  • New Uniforms that do not have a “shelf life” to reduce soccer costs for our families.
  • Constant focus on making Club Soccer affordable and available for all families.
  • Not worrying about being the biggest but instead focusing on what we do best. Clubs are merging all around us and becoming massive organizations that lose the personal touch we have come to value. Your athlete is not a number here simply counted to allow us to promote the size of our club.  
  • The creation of TOPSoccer in the Oshkosh area. We spearheaded this program and it has become a huge success.  
  • Our partnership with Oshkosh Youth Soccer Club, our common values and ideals about available and affordable soccer for all players made these discussions easy. We support the values and mission of OYSC and believe in what they offer the community. We continue to search for ways to offer more to the community via this partnership.
  • The financial state of the club is very strong, we are in a position to give back as needed and not impose more fees upon our members.
  • Hosted our first annual tournament
  • Instituted our “Youth Academy” Program to expose young kids to club soccer.
  • Winter and Spring Youth Sessions
  • Started an annual Winneconne Soccer Camp with Coach Megan White

This and so much more has been accomplished in the last number of years. It has been my distinct pleasure to be a part of it. That being said if these positive accomplishments are to continue our club needs more active parents and volunteers. Please contact us about getting involved, we need you! There are many other opportunities and ideas out there that can be made a reality by motivated individuals. Get Involved! wcsc@watercitiessoccer.org

In closing on a more personal note I will be a volunteer at WCSC for as long, and in whatever capacity I am needed. I have taken great pride in watching our teams grow and prosper through the years.I have enjoyed reading articles and game recaps in the paper about WCSC players successes in High School and beyond.  And I look forward to many more! There has been success and there has been failure and frustration, each has been valuable.  I can’t even begin to single out all of the people that have helped and done good work at this club volunteering, coaching and just supporting the club. Thank you all very much for the support and I look forward to personally supporting this club for many years to come.

Bob Albright

Volunteer President WCSC

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